Gf*bf (2012) (Dvd) (Hong Kong Version)

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Guey Lun Mei (Secret), Joseph Chang (Eternal Summer), and Rhydian Vaughan (Winds of September) star in GF*BF as three close friends entwined in an intricate love triangle spanning three decades

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p i GF BF /i chronicles the entanglement of romance and friendship between the three leads against the backdrop of a rapidly changing Taiwan, which was still under martial law in much of the 1980s

Aloof and reserved, Liam doesn't seem to mind, and even becomes best mates with Aaron when they go to university in Taipei together amidst the social movements demanding sweeping reform

At 17, Mabel Guey Lun Mei and Liam Joseph Chang are considered an inseparable couple by the classmates in their small-town high school

Enter Aaron Rhydian Vaughan , the idealistic rebel who brings subtle changes to their relationship

Mabel reluctantly accepts Aaron's courtship, although still hanging around with Liam

Stylishly filmed with rich period details, the emotionally touching coming-of-age drama captured three awards at the 14th Taipei Film Festival before earning seven nominations at the 49th Golden Horse Awards, including Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor Chang , and Best Actress Guey

The second feature from acclaimed writer-director Gillies Yang i Orz Boyz /i , the film emerged as another winning nostalgic youthful romance from Taiwan in the wake of the phenomenal success of i You Are the Apple of My Eye /i

Ultimately, the trio's bonds are tested as they struggle to come to terms with deception, betrayal, and revealed secrets through the tumultuous times...