W.e. Anderson Mgo-1T, Series Mgo Gear Operator, 2"

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A self-locking worm and worm gear holds the valve in the desired position

Anderson, MGO-1T, Series MGO Gear Operator, 2 , 2.5 and 3 Size BFV Series Butterfly Valves Rugged, Cast Iron Housing The Series MGO Gear Operators offer heavy-duty on-off or throttling service for valves or dampers, including our BFV Series butterfly valves

Features include a readily accessible hand wheel, a valve position indicator and mechanical travel stops that permit field adjustment for valve movement to specific degrees of rotation

Once the input torque is known, the hand wheel rim effort can be found by dividing the input required at the nut divided by the radius of the hand wheel.

The rugged, cast iron body with O-ring body seals is weatherproof

These gear operators are self-lubricated for smooth, trouble-free operation

To determine the input torque, divide the required torque of the chosen valve by the mechanical advantage of the appropriate gear operator

When choosing a gear operator, make sure that the input/output specifications meet those of the chosen valve's requirements