The Face Shop - Dashing Diva Magic Press Super Slim Fit Pedicure Premium - 3 Types #01 Sunrise

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Brand from South Korea: THE FACE SHOP

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Air-fit design

Align the tab to cuticle and tear off the index sticker

Firmly apply nails by pressing it from the middle to both sides

How to use Tip Application 1

It is lightweight and offers comfortable usage

Peel off the sticker

Push off the gel nail tip from the edge of the nail.

Saturate the wood stick with acetone

Select the correct size of nail tip

Size 30 Tips Benefits Dashing Diva Magic Press is a high-quality gel nail tip that completes nail art in one second without glue

This premium series comes with different gorgerous design patterns, allowing you put on diferent nail designs effortlessly

Tip Removal 1

Use a cuticle pusher to push back cuticles

Use nail file to polish tip of the of the nail if needed

Use the prep pad included to remove excessive oil or moisture on nails