Two Wrongs Make A Right (2016) (Dvd) (Hong Kong Version)

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Two Wrongs Make a Right in the feng shui-themed laughfest directed by funnyman Vincent Kok (House of Wolves)! Taiwan heartthrob Vic Chou (S Storm) and Hong Kong stars Fiona Sit (Girls) and Ronald Cheng (The Four) headline the zany comedy about finding love and luck in the most unlikely of places

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p Renowned feng shui expert Qin Rui Vic Chou forecasts that he will soon experience a serious misfortune

After meeting He Peipei Fiona Sit , Qin Rui knows that he has found the ideal candidate for his shield

He courts Peipei as a way to keep her close by, but unexpectedly develops real feelings for her

However, it seems their fates do not match and Qin Rui's luck actually worsens after falling in love with Peipei

It turns out that everything was engineered by rival feng shui master Ximen Ding Ronald Cheng , and Peipei's appearance is Qin Rui's true crisis.

The only way to ward off this crisis is to keep a naturally unlucky person at his side to serve as a human shield