Dixon Valve L73M-2Mb, 1/4" Norgren Series 1 Micro-Fog Lubricator

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Applications Micro-fog lubricators, identified by a red adjusting screw, are used for applications containing one or more points of lubrication, cylinders and multiple or single tools

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Heavier particles fall back into the reservoir

Installation In-line or modular installation Safety notes FRL's are designed for air service only, unless otherwise indicated

Lightweight particles are delivered downstream for lubrication

Micro-fog lubricators cannot be filled under pressure

Oil is dropped into the fog generator and atomized into a fine mist

Pressure rating given at ambient temperature 70 176 F

SCFM ratings at 90 PSIG inlet pressure

The micro-fog lubricator delivers 10 of the oil drops visible through the transparent sight-feed dome

Use Recommended lubricants misting type oil rated 50 to 200 SSU ISO Grade 7 to 46 at 100 176 F Features Metal Bowl 4 oz

Reservoir Quick release bayonet bowl Micro-fog design delivers aerosol mist How it works Air flow through the lubricator lifts oil from the reservoir to the sight-feed dome